(where we stake ZSB wrapped tokens or protocol liquidity pairs)
Pools offer depositors the option to stake their wrapped stable-coins within corresponding pools to earn STBB emissions minted by Stabilize Protocol. Base emissions are the same for each pool with additions based on performance of protocol strategy involved. STBB is used for decision making and staking for further protocol rewards (see "staking your stbb")
🐱‍🏍Given projections are based on a historical 7 day average. The average is pulled directly from Bscscan.
🐱‍🚀The pools have unequal allocation of tokens with the STBZ/ETH pool or the STBB/BNB pool receiving 50% of all new tokens initially and the other pools splitting the rest based on the underlying assets price relative to $1.

LP Tokens

When you deposit into the LP pool, you should notice that you have received STBZ-ETH in return. These are LP(liquidity pair) Tokens, and they represent your share of the underlying tokens in the liquidity pool. After you receive LP Tokens, you can stake them in the STBZ/ETH LP POOL or the STBB/BNB pool earn STBZ rewards. You can make "LP" tokens on various exchanges