pure anon
The core dev team will stay anon, simly because it seems necessary to us to protect the protocol from higher forces. We are aware that we are part of a completely unregulated, everything-goes financial system (defi), and we assume that some governments will try to regulate it in the not so distant future. One of the few real means these governments might have to take control over protocols in decentralized networks, is to personally attack the heads behind. Therefore, from our point of view, having an anon core team is almost a must to be as future proof and resistant as possibe. We further have the plan to transition the Stabilize protocol into a DAO, without leaders, to make it even more resistant against any higher forces.
The core team will do everything it can to make the protocol safe and relyable, by having a clean code and timelocks, supplying audits by respected auditors, and by beeing transparent about our actions.
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