UNLanguage glossary

*list of descriptions below so naming stuff and defining stuff*
UTF-8 💫 A fileUTF-8 is a variable-width character encoding used for electronic communication. Defined by the Unicode Standard, the name is derived from Unicode (or Universal Coded Character Set) Transformation Format – 8-bit. Shill🔶- A term often used with a negative connotation associated with the intent of promoting something for the individual's personal gain. Sometimes even providing doubt and skeptism of competing projects. Although shilling can be done in good faith as well. As seen by promotional teams partnered, or hired by development, with the intention of bringing awareness and excitement to an unseen gem. Exchange🔷- Exchanges can vary between centralized exchanges, and decentralized exchanges, the main difference being a centralized exchange takes responsibility for the security of your assets, for better or worse. Where as in a decentralized exchange you have the choice how your liquidity and tokens interact with the overall market.
Swap🔷 - Within a decentralized exchange liquidity is held between development and investors who decide to provide as much they commit. A swap occurs when you want to trade the value of your token for something that the AMM(automated market maker) recognizes as an equivalent exchange.
ape🔶- To ape; as a verb, represents the act of impetuously hurling your capital without complete review. Lets/We Ape; Can also be used as the collective action of a group throwing more weight into a purchase, operating under a pack mentality consensus.
Discord✅- Community server software platform. Massive user base worldwide.
Arbitrage💱- Utilizing the range of valuation between various markets to buy and sell for means of profit. Usually done with large capital quickly trading between marginal price differences. By taking advantage of the price distinction, overall value reaches a more stable position.
Doge dog🙃 - A pooch who's senses are there to remind you there's more to life than numbers and money, theres love, life, and smelly things too. Thank a doge dog near you Amm- Automated market machine ILO-
Synthetic exchange- an exchange that can make synthetic version of already existing coin onto non-native layer to allow for different choices and trends to emerge.
pepe- An icon now used for humorous intent within many communities.
Decentralized- Everything moves autonomously and decision making is often represented to a DAO community.
Centralized- All information has to hub in and out of a central database or structure.
APR- Average Percentage RATE is a linear projection.
APY- Average Percentage Yield is a exponent projection often used for compounding
TXN- Forms a unit of information as a "block"
HASH- a hexadecimal code. can be used as a key and a location, and a address. its used to marker for associating processes and work.
Merkle distributor-
Vault- Where tokens, NFTS, ZSB- wraps, stable coins and much more can be held.
Liquidity Pair- two different tokens paired to allow for trade within the pair from outside sources without them having to actually interact with your liquidity keeping your funds safe.
Token- A Token represents something
Tokenomics- The way the economy works internally for a protocol or organization.
Smart Contract- A contract processed by a blockchain.