STBZ token address: 0xb987d48ed8f2c468d52d6405624eadba5e76d723

STBZ is "the token to rule them all", and is used for GOV voting on proposals concerning the whole Stabilize ecosystem (also for the Stabilize BSC, STOl and future spin offs).

STBZ holders are also entitled to future airdrops (with reservations, if not otherwise described).

STBZ holders can stake their tokens in the STBZ staking pools, which allows them to earn a percentage of the profits generated by the protocol.

The max cap of STBZ is 1mio tokens. 99% of the emissions go to LP stakers and stablepool stakers, whereby the emission ratio is 75:25. Only 1% of the STBZ emissions goes to the Stabilize team.

The emission schedule follows the changed tokenomics as decided by the community in the "emission halving" proposal:


STBB token address: 0xe1316066af35fbff54f870ea6d1468255602a696

STBB token can be staked into the wrappers, which allows them to earn a percentage of the arbitrage profits generated by the wrapper. Their staking weight boosts the STBB emission of the corresponding pool. This emission system is novel in crypto, and aims to allocate the highest rewards to the most profitable strategies. It further allows the depositors to increase the STBB emissions of "their" staking pool, and gives therefore STBB overall more utility compared to the old system.

Rebalance STBB Rewards

After STBB have been staked into a wrapper the rebalance function can be called via the link on the pool page, so that the increased amount of staked STBB has an effect on the STBB emissions for the corresponding pool.

STBB emission distribution

Starting at Apr 7, 2021, Stabilize BSC token (STBB) minting is controlled by the EmissionsOperator contract that will mint weekly to the max supply of 10 million tokens over the next 520 weeks (10 years) following a linear decay model estimate as pictured below:

You can calculate the weekly emission with the following formula:

31920-(52.7167*(n-1)) per week where n is week #. Result minus 10% (team share).

The initial emission ratio between LP staker and stablepool stakers is 65:35


STOL token address: 0x4ff5253E2304e3f5Ed6547Ac5D9952A62B91E3E8

  • Stake the required STBZ, then Uniswap STOL / ETH LP tokens of your choosing.

  • Claim STOL up to 4% of the value of your STOL in the LP every 3 days

It is important to note, LP tokens are locked from withdraw for 24 hours after claiming and each new deposit resets the time to claim to 3 days.

When you claim, the contract determines your ETH spent by comparing your current ETH balance to your ETH balance the last time you staked or claimed in the contract. Every time you increase your ETH balance above the last ETH balance, you must update it in the contract. This will resets the time to claim to 3 days. In the future, this method of calculating will change as Stabinol is further integrated into the DeFi ecosystem.

The Stabinol token has a soft total supply cap of 1,000,000 STOL tokens. This cap can be modified by governance as demand and market outlook change in the future. When there are at least 500,000 STOL tokens in existence, a 3% per transaction tax on the sender will initiate. This tax will be used to resupply the faucet used to claim STOL. Buying STOL on Uniswap will be excluded from this fee but selling STOL will not.

Since STOL charges a fee on the sender, if the sender doesn’t have enough STOL to pay the fee, the fee deducts from the sent amount. For contracts that use STOL, it is best to charge a withdrawal fee percent of (tax% ÷ (1 + tax%)) to prevent the STOL fee from draining the contract.