ZSB-Wraps (or ZS wraps)
ZS(B) wraps are a novel idea to the world of crypto
To start, simply wrap your Stablecoins in a ZSB wrapper found here. but first we ask you to browse the material below. Each strategy has its own "card"
Sample wrapper credit @laineR
Make sure to check what you will withdraw when you wrap your tokens. Because arbitrage works with many values, the strategy might return something you didn't put in.
You will receive a certain amount of zsb-tokens which represents the bundled value used by the protocol. Make sure to know where you are in the strategy and somewhat of the underlying tokens purposes before entering a strategy. Zsb-tokens are not listed on any exchanges, but could be traded on their own in many imaginable ways, they reside in whichever wallet you interacted with. To redeem your share of tokens back, just unwrap the zsb-tokens,. You will receive whichever asset has the largest balance first (i.e. the lowest priced asset) then other assets sorted by their decreasing balance. However, the total quantity of tokens redeemed will never be smaller than what you put in. To swap redeemed stablecoins for any other (stable)coin, just simply go to Curve.fi, 1inch, or Uniswap.
GitHub - stabilize-token/bsc-contracts: Contracts for Stabilize BSC
🐱‍👓The strategy doesn’t experience linear growth It gains when there is trading activity producing arbitrage opportunities. This means if you wrap into a strategy and unwrap before a trade takes place, the balance you redeem will be the same as what you put in, regardless of how long you were in the strategy.
you can stake your STBB using the second unlock function on each card.

ZSB-USD Stabilize strategy (what happens under the hood)

Depositors can wrap four different types of stable-coins into the interest earning ZSB-USD "wraps". Those stable-coins are BUSD, DAI, USDC and USDT. In this strategy, Tokens are considered equal in value to each other when deposited. Tokens are then sold against each other using Curve.fi (arbitrage) to increase the total amount of tokens in the pool.
🎶For example, if BUSD is worth more than DAI in the pool, the strategy will sell a certain amount of BUSD into DAI, which will result in a greater amount of stable-coins in the strategy. If the next day, DAI is valued more than BUSD, the strategy will sell a certain amount of DAI into BUSD, thus causing another increase in the total number of stable-coins in the strategy again.
The zsb-USD strategy helps depositors earn interest on their deposit without needing to manually switch pools and Stabilize will bring more stability to stable-coin prices by selling overpriced coins and holding underpriced ones until they become overpriced.
The ZSB-USD strategy is a bit different than your average vault-strategy. Instead of farming other protocols and selling their governance tokens for profit, this strategy uses real trading techniques to benefit depositors and the crypto ecosystem as a whole.
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